Friday, September 11, 2009

Finish examples

Thank you for the color stain sample. The color is perfect.

Here are some tables we have looked at, and the elements of the distressed finish, stain, and level of sheen that we love. If there are ANY questions, please feel free to contact me through David.

David Michael GV-817 table base we saw in San Fran. I love the distressing and sheen of this finish.(Michelangelo). All I would change is the color of the stain to match the stain sample strike off we just received from the factory.

David Michael GV 817 top. I like the rippling effect of the top, but would like it to be slightly softer. I like the level of distressing, but not the black rubbed edge. I do NOT want the boards on my table to have this much of a defined line separating the edges. See below photos for example of what we do want.

Formations table. Notice the raised grain, pitting in distressing, and uneven board surface from what looks like hand scraping and soft sanding. I like the level of sheen, but would be happy too even if it had a little more sheen.

Dennis and Leen Desk. This is a beautiful rustic finish, but a little too much gloss.

The Palladio table by Emanuel Morez. I love how the boards come together with a soft "waviness". This is what I meant when I said I liked hand-planing. It is so subtle, but definitely not flat. It adds so much character to the table.

Table from Mike Bell. In my opinion, a beautiful rustic and distressed finish with the perfect sheen, done to look like an heirloom piece that has been at someone's farmhouse for 150 years.