Saturday, January 10, 2009

Girl's Bedroom

See the tentative final outcome with Phase 4 Girl's Suite plan here

We want our little girl's room should be very special....the kind of room she remembers as her safe haven decades from now. It will be in the location where our current master bath exists, with a nice view of the back yard and the "Pollyanna-like" large zelcova tree just outside the window. We may start this project immediately. See the proposed plan discussion for phasing the conversion of our Master bath to Devon's Bedroom here. The photos above are along the lines of the cottage effect we want, but maybe a little too rustic for this house. We definitely want the open ceiling and the little nooks that make a room feel like a special retreat.

We have a deep pink tufted upholstered headboard (photo) that we may or may not use for her, but all furnishings are really up for discussion.

The current thought is that this area of the home will remain at the current floor height, which means that it will be two steps down into Devon's room from the other areas of the upstairs...kind of cool and quirky, just like Devon. The steps will change location with the Phasing. Initially, they will be in the hall entering the new Bedroom and Kids Bathroom, but with Phase 4 the steps will be at the 6' opening perpendicular to the Window Reading Nook where the old exterior wall would have been.

Alternatively, if we decided to raise the floor to be equal with the other floors after Phase 4 is done, Geri thought of building a new structural floor about 18" over the existing floor, and opening up the trusses in the ceiling to give a vaulted effect, which we are planning to do whether or not the floor is raised. Then, during Phase 3, the new Dining Room ceiling (directly below) could be removed to expose the newly "added" floor and we could have the same 10' ceilings like we will have in the rest of the house. There is a window that will need to elevate in the back elevation, that may possibly affect the roof in her room.

I have worked with the architect to make sure that she has a great focal point upon entering the room, whether it ends up being the bed ensemble, or the sitting window, or other furnishings does not matter.

My other big request was that she have a bath and closet that has its own "boutique" entrance. These Disney boutique pictures are a little over the top, but along the lines of how I would like to create a whimsical entrance into the Closet/Bath area.

I figured we could do something like a dome awning in the doorway leading to the bath and closet area. A three panel mirror could be straight ahead, kind of like a dressing room. The bath and the closet can be to the sides, but through the same doorway.

I do not like it when the bath is across the room from a closet. I think it creates flow issues and restricts furniture placement. It also is just more efficient and private to have clothing and bath supplies in close vicinity. I am repeating the concept of closet and bath together in every bedroom of the house.

Below is an example of a cozy nook we want built into our little girl's room. I like everything about how this is done...the wainscoting, the trim, as well as the size. I also like the bookshelves inset into the wall.

This is an example I like of using the space to create interesting little nooks, more like an older home.